Magasin du Café was born in 2012 as a side project of the components, with a strong vocation for street art.
At first it becomes a way to explore intimate and ironic bistro music, ancient
music to be recovered. The transition to world music was natural, looking more
and more for the common roots of music and drawing from the common cultural baggage that ranges from classical to fusion, from folk to rock. The quartet is striking for its ability to interpret very different genres, thanks to a highly respectable technical background.

Over the years their language has become unique and unitary, as has their sound.
With the release of Samsara, their first completely unreleased record,
the themes have become more mature, the result of the mix of styles that the
musicians bring to the stage. The project now has a more intimate and conceptual soul, but very enjoyable and exciting. In different situations they play acoustic live in uncontaminated places, in the high mountains or in the most remote woods on the border between Italy and France, for the desire to blend as much as possible with the mother of all mothers, the Nature.

Their concerts are meditative and often manage to bring the audience into an almost hypnotic state. Music that speaks to us of distant traditions, in which the great North mixes with the East, the shamanic songs of America and Africa become modern. The sound is universal, the sounds are exotic but without geographical connotation, they mix with rock, jazz, fusion, in an unprecedented dialogue between the four musicians.

Line Up

Davide Borra

Accordeon and keyboards

Denny Bertone

Electric and lap steel guitar

Mattia Floris

Voice and guitar

Alberto Santoru

Electric double bass and percussions

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